Animated Flipbook Effect πŸ’»


A useful technique to have at one’s disposal would be a quick way to create a simple, responsive animation that looks really good at different resolutions. So, I will not discuss animated GIFs!

As a starting point, we could emulate the effect of a flipbook. When I was a kid, I used a block of post-it notes to create a series of scenes, beginning from the top down, then you can flip through them to β€œrun” the animation! So, it’s a series of overlayed images with different poses, cycle through the images to create the animation. What is the best way to do this on the web?

The quality of a SVG will not degrade on resizing. So, it is a good choice.

We can use opacity to fade one image in, and fade the other out. This can be achieved easily with CSS animation.

Here is a simple example showing Donald Trump yawping!

See the Pen trump yawp by rob (@robjoeol) on CodePen.

This technique is not very suitable for more than a few poses (frames), each frame requires a @keyframes block, and these blocks need to be coordinated with each other to make a smooth transition for the animation. An animation library should be used for anything more complex than that!

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