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Did you know that VS Code has built-in snippets for lots of languages?

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They are not documented in the VS Code docs.

There is no way to browse them inside VS Code.

Soo, how can I find them?

It’s awkward to track them down yourself!

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This spurred me to write an extension called Snippets Ranger to give a nice UI to explore all your snippets easily.

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Also, remember that Snippets can be defined in a few different places. They can be added by:

  • Creating a global snippets file, a workspace snippets file, or a language-specific file; snippets definition
  • Installing extensions found in the “Snippets” category in the Visual Studio Marketplace;
  • Installing some of the Programming Language extensions, which often have hidden snippets cargo e.g. Python;
  • the VS Code team to the built-in language extensions.

Keeping track of them yourself is not practical.

How do I find the built-in snippets myself?

If you want to track down the source files yourself, they live inside each individual language extension directory. The file for each language is located at «app root»\resources\app\extensions\«language»\snippets\«language».code-snippets on Windows. The location is similar for Mac and Linux.

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