⚽️ World Cup 🏆


  1. To create an appealing, responsive website that allows people to easily explore the teams and matches in the Fifa World Cup 2018.
  2. To make the data available through a REST API for developers! One love, yo!👩‍💻💓👨‍💻


The official Fifa website has a poor mobile user experience. I will tweak their design to render well on all devices.

There is a free REST API by the people at Software for Good. It scrapes data from the Fifa website, the data available is predominantly for matches, I will blend it with my API to provide a more complete dataset.🍹

Finished Application

You can try it!

It is hosted on heroku using a free account, so the website sleeps after 30 minutes of inactivity , it will take 2 minutes for the website to appear for you!


Tech Stack

I wanted to try Spring Data Rest, which is an opinionated library that minimises code needed to make REST endpoints. It is only necessary to define domain classes with accompanying simple repository classes. I wanted to discover what the benefits and constraints are, and see if you would use this for an production application.

I chose Postgres as the database, Heroku supports it on its free tier, so I can deploy it for free. Vanilla javascript was sufficient for the front-end, I wanted to exclude front-end frameworks from the equation, the focus was to explore the backend portion of the stack, and improve the UI. There is an opportunity to return later and use a front-end framework for further learning.